Catering Menu

Traditional Deli Tray

A combination of turkey, roast beef and ham with swiss and colby cheeses arranged on a tray and garnished with pickles, black and green olives and alfalfa sprouts. Accompanied by or special deli mustard and creamy mayonnaise on the side. Plus selected assortment of kaiser rolls, wheat bread, rye bread or bagels.

Available for groups of 10 or more – $5.00 per person

Other selections may be substituted including: smoked turkey, corned beef, pastrami, capicolla ham, or salami. Other cheeses include: cheddar, provalone, American, muenster, mozzarella and hot pepper cheese. Fresh baked croissants may be substituted for an additional charge.


A tray to provide those little extras for our meat and cheese assortment. This platter is filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles all sliced and ready to compliment any sandwich.

Small (10-20) $15.00

Large (30-40) $25.00


A select assortment of sandwiches on croissants, kaiser rolls, wheat bread or rye bread, all arranged on a tray. Pick just your favorites or an assortment of them all.

Available for groups of 10 or more – $6.50


Delicious prepared deli salads made in our store’s kitchen, the perfect sidekick to party tray or sandwiches.

Priced by the pound.

potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw – $5.00/lb.

fruit salad, pasta salad, vegetable vinaigrette – $6.50/lb.

chicken salad, tuna salad – $8.50/lb

Finger Sandwiches

Miniature versions of our regular sandwiches on wheat bread, rye bread, mini bagels and miniature croissants. Filled with selections of our deli meats and chicken and tuna salads. Tell us your prefer- ences and you party will have enough for all to enjoy!

Available for groups of 10 or more – $5.00 per person

Vegetables & Dip

A selection of garden fresh vegetables including carrots, celery, radishes, broccoli and cauliflower, arranged around a generous portion of our secret recipe gourmet pick onion dip. A party favorite!

Small (12-20) $25.00

Medium (25-40) $45.00

Large (45-60) $60.00

Cheese & Crackers

A beautiful assortment of domestic and imported cheeses, arranged to please the eye and tempt the palate. Accompanied by baskets of crackers.

Small (12-20) $25.00

Medium (25-40) $45.00

Large (45-60) $60.00

Fresh Fruit

A selection of the best fruits available in the season – including watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, white and red grapes and strawberries. Adds a summer touch to any get together!

Available for groups of 10 or more – $3.00 per person


Everyone’s Favorite! An assortment of chocolate chip cookies and homemade brownies. Plus for an extra treat we add that Ohio tradition…Buckeyes to the tray.

Small (10-15) $25.00

Medium (20-30) $45.00

Large (35-45) $60.00

Breakfast Trays

An enticing selection of danishes, sweet rolls, muffins, mini bagels and mini croissants. Accompanied by plain cream cheese and fruit flavored cream cheese.

Available for groups of 10 or more – $3.50 per person

Enhance your pastry tray by adding fresh fruit, juices or coffee to your order.

Pastry & Juice/$4.50 per person

Pastry, Juice & Fresh fruit/$6.50 per person

Fresh brewed coffee/add $1.25 per person

Boxed Lunches

Don’t have the room or the time for platters and trays? Get boxed lunches catered in. Each box contains a sandwich of your choice topped with a slice of cheese and accompanied by a side of lettuce and tomato.

Meat selections: Turkey, smoked turkey, roast beef, peppered beef, corned beef, pastrami, ham, tuna salad, chicken salad and salami.

Bread selections: Kaiser roll, wheat or rye bread, bagels and croissants.

Also included is your choice of two salads. One from: Macaroni, potato or coleslaw and one from vegetable, pasta or fruit. Plus one of the following desserts: Brownie, cookie, baklava, or two buckeyes. For an additional charge you can substitute carrot cake or cheesecake.

All paper goods and condiments needed for an enjoyable meal are provided. $10 per box lunch.

Ordering Information

To place your catering order simply stop by or give us a call at (614) 537-6742. One of our catering specialists will be happy to help you plan for your next event. Easy Living makes every effort to be responsive to your special needs; However, any cancellations with less than 24 hour notice are subject to a 50% service fee.

To make your event truly perfect you need every detail covered. Plates, plastic utensils, napkins, and serving spoons for salads are available. Ask for pricing.

Drinks, we do have an assortment of regular and diet soda, juices, Dr. Brown’s and specialty selections. ($.85-$1.55) each.

We do deliver. $10.00 for delivery (limited area)

Let Easy Living do the work, whether your party is large or small. Easy Living makes living easy!